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underwater for all 2030


Our Mission

Diving and underwater recreation should benefit the people, environments, and communities where it happens. Underwater community spaces should be as ubiquitous as basketball courts - in every neighborhood, in every city, in every country. The only way for humans to protect Earth's waters is to urgently fall in love with them.

Underwater Scuba Diving

What We Do

The specific activities we conduct are:

  • Dive-related education for individuals committed to marine conservation for low to no cost;

  • Education of diversity issues found within the dive industry both recreationally and professionally;

  • Education of issues arising in diving professions regarding pay and engagement with the local population;

  • Production of online educational content in the fields of diving and dive training;

  • Facilitate community access to underwater spaces on an optional donation basis;

  • Keep dive gear accessible and maintained for educational and environmental purposes (courses, clean-ups, research, community events, etc.);

  • Organize events such as: beach cleanups, educational festivals geared towards marginalized communities.

The activities are conducted mostly in the NYC metropolitan area, with some training taking place in the immediate area outside of NYC. We foresee occasionally conducting training activities abroad.

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